Tour Activity Sea Walking

Sea walking in Andaman is one of the newest and most exciting ways to enjoy the exotic marine life of the islands. Being one of the most direct ways to witness the beautiful underwater sea life of the area, the activity is full of fun and distraction.The Sea walking equipments are very easy to handle. You feels very cosy when you walk on the sea floor's smooth sand. After wearing sea walking helmat you can explore the ultimate marine under water life and colourful fishes diffrent species. You can also take the unforgettable photos of marine life underwater.

There are two halting grounds to visit for underwater sea walking expedition and such places are located in North Bay Island which is about an hour drive from Port Blair and Elephant Beach which is located in Havelock Island about three hours from Port Blair via sea.

Top Places for Sea Walking In Andaman islands

1. Havelock Island Elephant Beach
2. North Bay islands

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