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Explore the mysteries of underwater with the Glass bottom boat rides in Andaman. The boats are dolphin-shaped and glass-bottomed. Acquaint yourselves with all the colourful beings hiding in the kaleidoscopic coral reefs which are visible from the glass bottom. A bit of relaxation where you feel safe behind glass, the ride lets you get up close to different marine species on the sea. Glass bottom boat ride of the Andaman is an activity full of fun and excitement. The sight of colourful and dramatic corals are beautiful to look at. Underwater experience can give you a lot of joy as you go deeper into the sea.
The modern glass-bottom boat contains an ultra-durable window shaped like a spheroid. Glass bottom boat ride is the safest ride to explore underwater paradise. You can see through the glass a variety of corals, sea turtles and more. Comfort and safety are taken care of by the use of a quality speed boat. You can get a spectacular view of all mysterious marine species. Glass bottom ride is mostly enjoyed by children as they love to experience the underwater adventure.

1. They are used exclusively for tourists during February and April.
2. The price of the glass bottom boat ride in Port Blair is 600 rupees per person.
3. The duration for a glass-bottom ride is usually 60 minutes for a group of 6 to 8
4. Do not forget to take a water bottle, cap and sunscreen with you.
5. Please note that your glass-bottom ride in the Andamans will entirely depend
on weather conditions.

Glass bottom boat rides are available at
1. North bay island in Port Blair,
2. Elephant beach in Swaraj Dweep (Havelock),
3. Redskin or Jolly Buoy at Wandoor ( Port Blair) and
4. Neil Island.

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